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Hygienic Cutlery Packs | Restaurant Portion Supplies
Hygienic Cutlery Packs (Pack of 40)*
Hygienic Cutlery Packs (Pack of 40)*

Hygienic Cutlery Packs (Pack of 40)*

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Make a statement with our luxury cutlery set, available with a classic white and blue
or a classy black and gold heavyweight napkin and stainless steel effect quality single
use cutlery, with a salt and pepper duopack.

The Hygienic Cutlery Packs are a great way to provide staff and guests with guaranteed hygienic pack. This Packs consists of:

1x Luxury Napkin
1x Fork
1x Spoon
1x Knife
1x Twinpack of Salt & Pepper

This is a great advantage as it is set ready for immediate use, No costs doing washing up, Limits touching of cutlery to the minimum and Quick Service. The Luxury Napkins have one set of either White & Blue and Black & Gold.