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Covid-19: How single portions help stop the spread of germs

Coronavirus - Protect yourself and others. Think single portions. 

In line with the recent government guidance regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, Perch UK have come up with some hygienic solutions to help you continue serving great quality food and beverages.
As the food service industry is a place where people need to be provided with food and beverages in a way they know they will be safe, we've taken a look at the benefits of individual portions and how they are part of a strategy to minimize any spread of germs, especially when essential and important workers may be needing nutritious, tasty food or to provide convenient and hygienic solutions for a takeaway, drive-through or delivered meals.

We’ve all been encouraged to only travel if it’s essential and limit social contact with others, including being advised not to visit, pubs, restaurants, theatres etc. Additionally, a whole different set of consumers are now in need of food and supplies, whether its families or the elderly who have been advised to self-isolate. Therefore the hospitality business sector needs to re-think its approach to serving consumers.

Gone are the times of having open bowls of sugar, the squeezy bottle of ketchup, the bowl of brown sauce, the jars of jam, the salt and pepper pots, all these products are prone to spreading germs as major touch points between consumers in places of eating. These are also not suitable for takeaway or home delivery alongside ‘ready to eat’ food products.

Single portion products are a much more hygienic way of providing the same products, but reducing the likelihood of germs spreading. Be it sugar sachets, sauce sachets, salt and pepper sachets, sweetener sachets or jams and spreads in mini pots, they are all ideal for the hospitality industry, especially at the current time. Customers would much, much rather have portions of sauce or jam rather than open dishes with a spoon. Additionally there is no food waste with single portions and every meal can be accurately costed in relation to the portions. Whereas it’s hard to cost in the use of offerings such as open bowls, especially when there is often a lot of wastage from what isn’t used during a day.


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