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Freestanding Sanitiser Station *
Freestanding Sanitiser Station *

Freestanding Sanitiser Station *

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A portable, stainless steel commercial-grade refillable touchless
dispenser for liquid hand sanitiser.
> 700ml, self fill with your own solution
> Adjustable ml dispensed (between 0.5 & 2.5ml)
> Long battery life (6xAA not included) with on/o button
> Non-Drip nozzle & leak-free HIPA internal container
> Dual IR & PIR sensors eliminate the need to wave hands more
than once to dispense solution
> High quality waterproof, fully stainless steel unit
> 1350mm High X 350mm Wide X 350mm Deep
> Dispenser module is CE, RoHS, ISO9001 compliant
> Also Available with drip tray and back board

Special OFFER *Free of charge Dispenser yours to keep if you agree to purchase 50 Mini-tanks of our WHO recipe 78% Bean & Gone Liquid hand & Surface Sanitiser Refill Pack for £29.99 + VAT per 3 litre tank. Please call the office to guarantee your offer! 

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